[Upgrade] Harmony

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Harmony Option For Items

  • Materials Used: Jewel of Harmony
  • To obtain a Jewel of Harmony, you need Gemstone. Gemstone can be transformed into Jewel of Harmony by meeting NPC ElPis in Aida.
  • You can also find materials at various events.

Enhancement Steps

  • Step 1: Open the item in your personal inventory
  • Step 2: Select the Upgrade option
  • Step 3: Choose the Harmony option
  • Step 4: Select the Upgrade option

Important Notes:

  • Upon success, the item will have different enhancement attributes.
  • You can further enhance the attributes with Advanced Refining Stones (obtained from perfect items at NPC Osbaurne in Aida 81,13).
  • To remove enhancements, click restore

Enhancement Attributes for Weapons

  • Min. attack increase (PVP and PVM): Increases minimum attack according to the enhancement level, but not exceeding the maximum attack value (in Table C).
  • Max. attack increase (PVP and PVM): Increases maximum damage according to the enhancement level (in Table C).
  • Required Strength decrease: Reduces the strength requirement for weapon use.
  • Required Agility decrease: Reduces the agility requirement for weapon use.
  • Attack power increase (Min, Max): Increases both minimum and maximum attack values.
  • Critical damage increase: Increases critical damage (damage in blue).
  • Skill attack power increase: Increases skill damage.
  • Attack success rate increase (PVP): Increases the accuracy of attacks in PVP, higher accuracy means lower “MISS” rate when attacking.
  • SD decrement increase (PVP): Increases the chance of dealing damage to the opponent’s health. In PVP, damage is dealt at a ratio of 90:10 (90% to SD, 10% to health). When enhancing this attribute on weapons, for example, for a Dark Knight using two +13 swords, it is equivalent to a 20% increase in SD decrement, resulting in a change in damage ratio to 70% to SD and 30% to health).
  • SD bypass rate increase: Bypasses SD, directly hitting health.

Enhancement Attributes for Set Items and Shields

  • Defense power increase: Increases defense power.
  • Maximum AG increase: Increases character’s AG based on enhancement level.
  • Maximum HP increase: Increases character’s HP based on enhancement level.
  • HP automatic increase rate increase: Increases the rate of automatic HP recovery.
  • MP automatic increase rate increase: Increases the rate of automatic mana recovery.
  • Defense success rate increase (PVP): Increases the success rate of defense in PVP (opponents miss more often).
  • Damage decrease rate increase: Reduces damage taken.
  • SD rate increase: Increases the chance of taking damage to SD instead of health. For example, when receiving damage with a ratio of 90:10 (90% to SD – 10% to HP), if the SD rate increase is 5%, the corresponding damage ratio to SD and HP will change to 95:


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