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Instructions for using the MARKET feature

MARKET: Market feature to buy and sell items for characters. Characters can freely trade items at desired prices. Some notes when using the MARKET feature

  • Only applies to items for sale: Perfect items, gems, talismans and wings
  • Items must be placed in the character’s inventory 1
  • Transaction currency: Ezen

To open the feature: Access User Panel at Menu. Open the MARKET category

Market categories:

  • Markets
  • Inventory
  • Haggling
  • Result
  • Selling

1. Markets:

At Markets, items for sale will be displayed by race (MG, DK, SUM….) and classification (Weapons, Shields, Wings…)

  • Click on the item to view detailed item information
  • Click BUY to proceed with purchasing the item
  • Click on BID to bid: Please fill in your desired price before submitting the bid

2. Inventory:

At inventory, items that can be sold will be displayed. Note: Items must be placed in ITEM CASE 1

  • Click on the items for sale
  • Enter the selling price in the Price Ezen box
  • Press SELL to sell the item

3. Haggling:

At haggling, the seller will receive bidding information from the buyer.

  • Click OK if you accept the price
  • Press REFUSE if you do not accept the price
  • Note: When paying, Ezen will be deducted, in case the transaction is canceled, Ezen will be refunded

4. Result:

At the results, the seller will receive successful transaction information including: buyer, item, price

  • Press RECEIVE to receive Ezen to your character

5. Selling:

At selling e, a list of items for sale will be displayed

  • Press CANCEL to stop selling
  • The item will be transferred to the event inventory


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