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List of NPCs ingame Era Of Lorencia

1. Lorencia: 

  • Hanzo (116,141) Hanzo, the Blacksmith, sells arms and armor for knights.
  • Wandering Merchant (182,136) The wandering merchants sells equipment and potions outside the east gate of Lorencia.
  • Pasi (118,113) Pasi, the Mage, sells basic equipment for Dark Wizards who begin their journey into the world of Lemuria
  • Amy (127,86) Amy sells potions outside the south gate of Lorencia.
  • Lumen (123,135) Lumen, the barmaid, sells ale and town portal scrolls in the center of Lorencia.
  • Alex (62,130) Alex is a merchant who sells varoius equipment outside the west gate of Lorencia.
  • Pet Trainer (122,110) The pet trainer in Lorencia resurrects the spirits of the dark lord’s pets.
  • Shadow Phantom Soldier (96,129) A friendly soldier NPC who buffs players.
  • Apostle Devin (143, 120) quest master
2. Noria: 
  • Lala (173,124) Elf Lala sells armor and potions in the town of Noria.
  • Charon (172,106) Charon opens the way to Devil’s Square if you bring him the right components at the right time.
  • Goblin Chaos The Chaos Goblins of Noria can construct and upgrade weapons for you.
  • Craftsman (196,123) Craftman sells bows and crossbows in Noria.
  • Shadow Phantom Soldier (167,118) A friendly soldier NPC who buffs players.
3. Davias
  • Zienna (186,47) Zienna sells advanced weapons and armor.
  • Izabel (225,41) Izabel sells potions and some spells.
  • Guild Minister (214,44) The Chaos Goblins of Noria can construct and upgrade weapons for you.
  • Spirit of Archangel (210,29) Blood Castle
  • Sevina (181,31) The Priestess Sevina allows experienced adventurers to partake on a quest to advance your profession.
  • Shadow Phantom Soldier (167,118) A friendly soldier NPC who buffs players.

4. Elverland

  • Silvia (44, 230) Merchant for potions
  • Rhea (30, 236) Rhea sells intermediate weapons and armor.
  • Marce (37, 218) Marce is a mage and sells magic skill books
  • Rhea (30, 236) Create a seed through NPC seed master
  • Seed Researcher (50, 243) Seed Researcher in Elveland to mount a completed seed sphere to a socket item.Moss (22, 225) Moss is a mysterious merchant who gives out items randomly

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