[Mix] Wing 2

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Guide to Creating Wing 2

To creat Wing 2, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 Wing 1 with at least 4 options.
  • 1 Chaos.
  • 1 Lochs Feather to create Wings or 1 Crest of Monarch to create cloaks (applicable to GL, DL, RF).
  • 1 Excellent item with a minimum of +4 and 4 options.

Material Image

How to creat Wing Level 2:

  • Find the Chaos Goblin in Noria (coordinates 180,100).
  • Select the option: Combine Regular.
  • Place the required materials into the crafting slot.
  • Press the combine button.

Important Notes:

  • If the process is successful, you will receive random wings or cloaks depending on the materials used.
  • If the process fails, all your materials will be lost.

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