[Mix] Wing 2.5

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Guide to Creat Wing 2.5

Wing 2.5 Image

Wing 2.5 is creat by hunting for materials from events and bosses. Each material will create a different Wing 2.5 for various races.

Common Materials:

  • 1 Wing Level 2 – minimum +4 options
  • 1 Chaos Gemstone
  • 1 Jewel of Creation

Additional Materials:

  • To craft wings for DK, MG: use HellMaine Leather
  • To craft wings for DW, MG, SUM, GL: use Phoenix of Flame
  • To craft wings for ELF: use Death Beam Knight Soul
  • To craft wings for RF, DL: use Death King Bone

Success: Will create Wing 2.5 based on the materials used.

Failure: All materials will be lost.

Materials Image

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