[Mix] Wing 1

Author: admin

To create Wing 1 in Mu Online, follow these steps:

1. Open the Chaos Machine window: First, locate the Chaos Goblin NPC in the town and interact with him to open the Chaos Machine window. NPC Chaos Goblin has at noria coordinates 179.102

2. Prepare the required items: To create Wing 1, you will need the following items:

  • 1 Chaos Weapon: This is usually a drop from monsters in the game or can be purchased from other players.You can also create a chaos weapon by using 1 weapon + 4 option and 1 chaos at the Goblin Chaos.
  • 1 Jewel of Chaos
  • 1 Jewel of Bless (rate increase)
  • 1 Jewel of Soul (rate increase)

3. Perform the combination: Once you have the necessary items, drag and drop them into the Chaos Machine window. Make sure to place the items in the correct slots to create Wing 1.

4. Initiate the combining process: You will need to initiate the combining process by clicking the “Combine” button. During this process, there is a chance of success and failure. If the process is successful, you will receive Wing 1.

5. Check and use: After successfully creating Wing 1, check your inventory and equip it on your character.

Please note that creating Wing 1 may have a low success rate, so you may need to attempt it multiple times to achieve the desired result. Be cautious and use your items carefully to avoid wasting resources.

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