White Wizard Invasion

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Event: White Wizard Invasion

  • Requirement: Character level 150+.
  • Occurs in: Lorencia, Noria, and Devias.
  • A White Wizard appears in each map randomly.
  • 15 Elf Soldiers and 10 Elf Archers also appear.

A System Notification will be displayed when the White Wizard appears.

System Notification

How to Hunt the Sorcerer Legion:

  • A System Notification will appear when the White Wizard spawns: “The Sorcerer Legion has invaded!”
  • The White Wizard spawns randomly in Lorencia, Noria, and Devias.
  • Alongside the White Wizard, he summons his legion of elves.
  • The legion of monsters includes 15 Elf Soldiers and 10 Elf Archers.
  • When the White Wizard is defeated, a System Notification appears: “<character> has defeated the White Wizard Legion in <map name>!”

Tips for Hunting the Sorcerer Legion:

  • Form a group with friends to search for maps more efficiently.
  • Keep your camera angle fully expanded to quickly spot the White Wizard.
  • Equip wings, mounts, or gear with +5 or higher to increase your movement speed.
  • Try to eliminate the White Wizard immediately to prevent others from obtaining the Jewel of Bless.
  • You can eliminate other monsters after defeating the White Wizard.

Rewards from the Sorcerer Legion:

  • Elves drop Sorcerer Rings (~80% chance).
  • White Wizard drops Jewel of Bless (100% chance).

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