Imperial Guardian Event

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Imperial Guardian Event (Baruka Event)

Gaion is a talented warrior of the land, but due to boundless greed and a desire to possess the indestructible Secromicon fragment, his soul became tainted. He hides throughout the year in the desolate ancient fortress of Baruka, allowing only warriors carrying Secromicon Fragments to approach…

Event participation tickets:

How to participate:

  • Defeat monsters and collect 5 “Clues” to craft the “Gaion’s Decree,” which is used to enter Baruka from Monday to Saturday.
  • Form a party and meet NPC Jerinter at Devias (226,220) to enter the portal.

  • Participate in the event on Mondays to Saturdays to collect Secromicon Fragments. These fragments can be combined to obtain a ticket to Gaion on Sundays.
  • Each area has a 1-minute waiting time for entry, a 10-minute mission time, and a total time limit of 33 minutes (44 minutes on the Sunday map).
  • Teleport gates are initially inactive; they will be activated after defeating the boss and can be used then.
  • Areas that have been passed through cannot be revisited.
  • The Lord cannot use the “Summon” skill, and spellcasters cannot use the “Teleport” and “Team Teleport” skills.
  • The monster levels are the average of each party member’s level.

Success Conditions: Defeat all monsters within the specified time.

Failure Conditions:

  • Disband the party while inside the Baruka map.
  • Fail to complete the mission within the required time.
  • If a character dies while in a party attempting to enter the map, they will not be able to re-enter, but existing characters can continue the event.

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