Devil Square

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Devil Square

When participating in this event, you can not only gain experience and various valuable items or accessories, but if you make it to the end, you can also earn additional experience points and different rewards.

How to Enter Devil Square?

You will need to create a Ticket to Devil Square by using

  • 1 Devil Key
  • 1 Devil Eye
  • 1 Chaos Gem.

The ingredients must be of the same level to combine and create a Ticket to Devil Square.

After obtaining all the necessary items, you go to the Chaos Machine, which is located in Noria, where you can combine the elements and create a Devil’s Letter.

Floor Master Level Requirement Number of Members
Devil Square 1
Devil Square 2
Devil Square 3
Devil Square 4
Devil Square 5
Devil Square 6
Devil Square 7

Rules and Requirements for Entry:

  • The first 10 players to bring a ticket to NPC Charon will be granted entry to Devil Square.
  • You cannot enter Devil Square when you are a murderer.
  • When a character dies in Devil Square, they will be transported to Noria.
  • Trading is not allowed in Devil Square.
  • Players using a “Town Portal Scroll” in Devil Square will be sent to Noria.
  • If you die in Devil’s Square, you will not lose experience or Zen.
  • PK is not allowed in Devil’s Square.


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