Chaos Castle

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Chaos Castle:

To obtain a Chaos Castle ticket, characters should visit NPC Lumen at Lorencia coordinates 123,133.

Armor of Guardsman

Item Usage:

  • It is used to enter Chaos Castle.
  • There is a Zen requirement to enter Chaos Castle.


  • At least 2 players must enter to start.
  • If 2 players do not enter, your fee is refunded.
  • Up to 70 players can join in a single instance.
  • You cannot buff another character.
  • Mounts and transformation rings cannot be used.
  • You cannot enter if you are in a Party.
  • You cannot enter if you have PK Status.


  • ‘Final PVP DMG’ is reduced by 50%.
  • There’s no penalty upon character death.
  • Character name UI is hidden.
  • ‘Character Commands’ are disabled.
  • Chat is disabled once the mini-game starts.
  • Town Portal Scroll will warp you to Devias.
  • If you die, you will be moved to Devias.

Game Start:

When the mini-game starts, a group of monsters will spawn in the arena. These monsters will look similar to other players, making it challenging to differentiate between players and monsters. In total, 100 players/monsters will spawn in the arena. The objective is to eliminate all other players/monsters and be the last one standing. A tracker in the lower right corner of the screen will display the remaining number of monsters/players and a 10-minute time limit.

It’s essential to remember that you can ‘fall off the map’ and die in Chaos Castle. When you kill a monster, it will ‘explode,’ causing a 2-tile knock-back. If you get pushed off the edge of the arena, you will fall to your death.

Less Than 40 Remaining Players/Monsters:

When there are fewer than 40 players/monsters remaining, the floor around the arena will crumble and disappear. If your character is standing on a tile that disappears, you will fall to your death. One tile around the edge of the arena will disappear when the player/monster count reaches less than 40, 30, 20, and finally when there are fewer than 10 remaining players/monsters.

Winning Chaos Castle:

Usually, the winner is determined by being the last remaining player standing. However, if the timer reaches zero, the winner is determined by ‘event points.’ Event points are earned by killing players/monsters.

  • +2 event points per monster kill!
  • +1 event point per player kill!

Notes & Tips:

When you kill a monster, it will likely ‘explode,’ causing your character to be pushed back 2 tiles. The explosion has a range of two tiles, so you need to be standing at least 3 tiles away to avoid knock-back. Using skills that allow you to attack from a distance can be helpful. You can also resist the explosion’s knock-back effect by equipping a Ring of Fire or Pendant of Fire due to their ‘elemental resistance.

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