Blood Castle

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The continent of MU is in danger, as the castle of the Archangel of Destiny is being destroyed and looted by Kundun’s forces. In their attack, they have stolen the Sacred Weapons of the Archangel.

How to Enter Blood Castle?

To enter the Blood Castle, you will need to create a Ticket to Blood Castle by using:

  • 1 Archangel Scroll
  • 1 Blood Bone
  • 1 Chaos Gem

These ingredients must be of the same level to combine and create a Ticket to Blood Castle.

Rules and Requirements for Entry:

  • You need an Archangel Weapon of your character’s level to enter Blood Castle.
  • You cannot enter Blood Castle when you are a murderer.
  • The War command will work inside Blood Castle.
  • Trading is not allowed inside Blood Castle.
  • Only a maximum of 10 players is allowed on each level of Blood Castle.
  • If you die inside Blood Castle, you will not lose experience, Zen, or drop items.
  • Specific skills can be used in the safe zone of Blood Castle (Attack/Defense buffs, healing, soul barrier, health).

How to Play Inside Blood Castle:

  • When you are inside Blood Castle, you must wait for the event to begin. During the waiting period, you can form parties with other players.
  • Once the event starts, players must kill 40 monsters on the bridge, and then they will be able to break the castle doors.
  • After breaking the doors and entering the castle, each hero must defeat 4 Spirit Sorcas to make a crystal statue appear.
  • When the crystal statue appears, you must destroy it to obtain the Archangel Weapon.
  • After collecting the weapon thrown by the statue, you can take it to Archangel and complete the mission. Finally, you will receive your reward.

Note: In case the winner of Blood Castle wants to share the prize with group members, the player who obtained the Archangel Weapon must first talk to Archangel, and then to the other heroes. In a party, anyone can claim the reward, so be cautious with those you trust.


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